Erasmus Internship Mechanical Engineerig R&D, CAD/ CAM

Locatie: Roermond, Limburg, Netherlands
Datum Geplaatst: 02-04-2019
Drawing and designing using CAD/CAM systems contribute to process and product innovations. The R&D efforts usually start with
brainstorming sessions; the composition of the group varies, among other things, due to the question of what needs to be developed (adjustments within something existing or something new), involvement, etc.
of the client and the various technical disciplines involved. The functions contribute to the visualization of ideas and to the investigation of the principles that govern them.
after which the designs and prototypes can be further developed (virtual or physical). In an iterative process of drawing, researching and constructing, the
processes and products are increasingly developed, drawn, tested (whether or not via simulations) and made ready for production.

The common goal is to contribute to process and product innovations by researching, designing and drawing possibilities for improvement or innovation.
Examples of tasks within the function family: Examples of common functions:
Communicating about concepts and converting sketches into drawings.
Helping to determine the programme of requirements and specifications.
Visualizing, detailing in technical drawings and further describing an existing, a changed, or a new one.
or future reality.
Detailing of product(s) through symbols and particulars (materials, sizes, etc.).
Checking and adjusting the drawings and making backups.
Designing development programs and new components.
Development of test set-ups and test structure; testing of process and/or product innovations.
Reporting on the progress of projects.

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