Erasmus Internship Software/ Hardware Engineering

Locatie: Roermond, Limburg, Netherlands
Datum Geplaatst: 02-04-2019
These are technical automation tasks aimed at advising on and designing the automation of physical processes at production companies. It concerns matters such as PLC-
(Programmable Logic Controller), DCS (Distributed Control System), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) programming, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems),
choice of field devices, sensors and actuators, I(nput)/O(utput)-configuration and hardware components, design of measurement, control and operating systems (including web applications),

drawing up test programmes, designing system architecture, advising in TA (Technical Automation) applications and the consequences. Advising the functions
customers, both about program of requirements and wishes, designs and programming.

The common goal of the functions is to design for the customer automated processes. These processes can relate to production, transport,
infrastructure, etc.

Common tasks:
Makes the design on the basis of a given problem definition or case that is caused by the function in one or more
practical systems, advanced control and command strategies engineered and presented in an associated
design is converted.
Put the program of requirements and functional design in a structured way using usual
programs / tools to get into the required: PLC / SCADA / DCS system configurations, block diagrams, models,
function blocks, drawings and diagrams (E, I, W, sequence diagrams, condition diagrams, P&ID, ladder diagrams,
configuration list etc.).
Programming / entering, configuring; designs / programs in the common TA systems / components
(smart, converter, io, interface, control, controls etc.).
Accompanies detail engineering, functional testing, writing delivery protocols; makes global
program descriptions where necessary for implementation at the customer's site.

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Remco Lanooij 
Managing Director
ScientiQ Staffing BV
Boundless in Laboratory Staffing 
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